“PAY IT FORWARD; I did.” — Kierra Leone (@kierraleone_)

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So one day I had a job screening. On my way to my destination located on Wall Street, I passed by a black man in need. Most people walked right past him, including myself as I felt through my pockets to check for spare change. No luck there, so I said sorry and kept it moving.

At the end of the screening the job recruiters pointed me in the direction of the buffet that was meant for prospective employees. So even if we didn’t get the job, we still ate and drank to our hearts desire. …

The Day After Halloween

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The day after Halloween is filled with nostalgic memories of childhood.

Searching through piles of candy to extract the “good” from the “bad”.


No candy is made the same.

Just like when you’re on the train and you look at the stranger across from you and you know for sure you met them in a past life.

Your favorite pastime.


As you chew you remember the good times you’ve had before the cavities begin to form.

You activate the pain with the memories.

You were not supposed to remember that person sitting across from you.

Causing you to miss your stop.

Lost in translation.


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Have you ever wanted to drift

Away from the day?

The day is lonely and slow.

The day doesn’t fulfill

Your soul, but

When I close my eyes

I can see the day no more.

I can see tomorrow

For sure.

The stares don’t stop,

And the whispering resumes.

I can hear faintly but

When I close my eyes

My breathing turns from soft

To heavy.

My heart begins to race like

The young girl who says, “YOURE IT”

When I close my eyes

I can imagine my dreams unfolding.

My dreams become reality behind closed lids. …

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