Allison Street

My story is that I’m a product of teen pregnancy (mom had me at 16) that has graduated with my BA in Broadcast Communications, has yet to move out of my moms house, has never had a 9–5, but Am working my ass off with building my career as a music consultant/indie A&R.

I love what I do, but the struggle to be great is exhausting and trying. I know I’m great but sometimes I feel like a straight LOSER.

I miss deadlines, I quit (sometimes), and I don’t always return phone calls/emails/texts. I miss birthdays and I live check-to-check.

Basically I need help. Lol

I’m happy to be alive and I love to work. So I know success has already knocked on my door but is just waiting for me to answer. I see it through the peephole but I need to install a door knob…