“PAY IT FORWARD; I did.” — Kierra Leone (@kierraleone_)

So one day I had a job screening. On my way to my destination located on Wall Street, I passed by a black man in need. Most people walked right past him, including myself as I felt through my pockets to check for spare change. No luck there, so I said sorry and kept it moving.

At the end of the screening the job recruiters pointed me in the direction of the buffet that was meant for prospective employees. So even if we didn’t get the job, we still ate and drank to our hearts desire. I couldn’t stay long so I grabbed some stuff which included a water and ocean spray ruby grapefruit drink.

On my way back to the train, from a distance, I saw the same man in need in the same place he was when I walked past him. Without a second thought I whipped out my grapefruit drink and gave it to him. He accepted my offer with gratitude and appreciation.

I walked down the station steps with my head held high. I love to GIVE. Receiving is fun but giving makes me float.

As I walked to the turnstile to swipe my metrocard, it read “INSUFFICIENT”. My train is about to depart in “2 min”, I have places to go. A black man is exiting the turnstiles, so I took a chance: “Sir, would you have an unlimited metrocard?”

Him: “Absolutely…*SWIPE* there you go, young lady.”


QUESTION: When was the last time you asked for a swipe or gave a stranger a swipe on the train? Comment below.

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