Is psychic an art or a scam? This question was ask from people, who were visiting the Manhattan area. Celia, who is 38 years old and asked the exact question “Is psychic business a real deal?”

Her answer was “A definite scam”.

Celia was a psychic and were engaging clients in New York. She told about fake theories involved. She already had quieted the job and now earning clean money from a restaurant.

She was sitting outside the Hell’s Kitchen in Manhattan near the Ninth Avenue. Once a client asked her about happiness and she forged a story, which involves a dark spirit and fire. She made a successful fraud of 12 thousand dollars. She was making handsome money until a client made a criminal complaint.

She was arrested and found guilty. She was sent to the prison for 4 years. On March 4th 2013, she quieted the job as she was frustrated and got the punishment. During her jail time, she was instructed to visit a therapy session. She was released from the prison and still providing updates to her parole officer.

More and more people are claiming themselves psychic professionals. Another psychic reading case discovered, a person(do not want to be named), working in Greenwich area. He was subjected to 5 years in prison. He is waiting for parole hearing, which is expected in 2017.

Kelly(from LA) was charged with 700k $. She was getting the money from a marketing professional. She promised to reunite him with his lover. Knowing the fact that they were already divorced. These scammers are not stopping in the prisons too. Reports shows of charging inmates 20$ to 50$ for each psychic session.

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