Multimedia Critique

Title: “Every shot Kobe Bryant ever took. All 30,699 of them”


This piece of multimedia published on April 15, 2016 by LA Times reflects back on Kobe Bryant’s historical 20 year NBA career through the use of an interactive graphic shooting chart of all the shots Kobe Bryant made and missed.

What is intriguing about this graphic is the ability to explore the information of all 30,699 shots Kobe Bryant recorded through scrolling the cursor over any of the dots. When doing so, a box will appear displaying the distance of the shot, the opposing team that defended the shot, and the date of the shot. Readers are given two options as to how they would like to explore the visual. One is a “Tour the data” option that the creators created to identify seven memorable shots that Kobe took in his career. The other option is “Explore on my own” which gives readers the power to adjust how they want to see the data through selecting: a shot result, a shot type, an opponent, and a season.

This source is a good use of multimedia because through the use of text and graphics, LA Times is able to provide readers with a unique look at Kobe Bryant’s career outside of the typically used statistic charts, video highlights, and photos.

Unfortunately, this multimedia piece does not consist of much more. It is very short. Another drawback found in this piece would have to be the absence of photos and videos which would have added to it’s length. Even though the interactive graphic made this multimedia piece unique, adding photos and videos of Kobe Bryant would make the piece more dynamic. Readers would be able to connect the dots to visuals of Kobe Bryant from when he was a rookie to when he was in his prime to when he stepped off the court for the last time. It would trigger readers to wrap their mind around how impressive Kobe’s 20 year career really was.

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