Hello Ha!

Hi, my name is Kiet Giang. Originally from Melbourne. Now living abroad and travelling to different continents of the world…basically trying to tick of my bucket list. I hope to be sharing my experiences with you as I stop over at each destination. I promise to write whenever I could, it all depends on where I can find the closes internet cafe. Travelling to destinations that include first, second and third world countries can be fun by daunting.

Visit my website @ https://kietgiangmelbourne.wordpress.com/

I have been there, done that, and worn the proverbial T-Shirt, so as to speak. Heck I have even directed the film. Having said that, I can’t claim to know it all, and am always keen to build upon my life experience and knowledge.

Travelling has always been at the back of my mind. However, it does take time, not to mention some savings. The most important thing to do is live life on a budget, and find casual and part time work wherever, and whenever I could. This helps me to tick over and pays for the food and accommodation expenses.

If you happen to have some time to spare and looking for a travel companion, drop me a line, I always believe 2 heads are better than one. When we share our ideas and thoughts, we grow as a person, and get to live many lives. Lives which me may not otherwise be privileged to, if we keep our thoughts to ourselves.

My dream scenario would be to save up enough money and possibly travel abroad for an extended period. Say 6–12 months. I believe that travelling and meeting people is life’s education, something that cannot be found in the current education system. The best way to collect ideas and broaden your thoughts is to bounce ideas and past experiences with one another. ie. leverage and grow with one another.

Leveraging is important as we are exposed to mindsets that we may not otherwise come across. Cultures, religion and languages shape our lives. I hope that my life can be sculpted to maximize my true potential.

Until next time.

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