F**kboi Dismissal

I wouldn’t expectorate if you were combusting

I hate your face: your nose all bust in

those lips lying, that shit-eating grin

but to my chagrin, you do it again!

Beg for a date, show up late, we drive to your place

Netflix and chill like it’s some big thrill

still — I hold the ace, chill — give me my space

You’re not Top 8. Bottom feeder, mouth breather

You desecrate with your presence, the room fills up with your essence

Cheap and sleazy, you’re so greasy. A garlic eater in a wife beater

Get the message, please, this is not a tease

Let me explicate all these lessons:

You make me heave; I regurgitate. It’s time to leave — go — accelerate

No, don’t you wait lest I decapitate you exasperate

I wish you would die, like sand in my eye you irritate


If you’d like to hear this read out loud, I also put it on YouTube.
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