13 Free Marketing Productivity Tools

Build your brand fast & free.

Contact any reporter!

1. (PR) Spokepoint’s e-mail look-up


Super-helpful once you figure out the best writer at a blog or news source.

An incredibly simple to use site that searches for an email based on names.

Reporters coming to you!

2. (PR) HARO automation

http://www.helpareporter.com with: http://www.seerinteractive.com/blog/ifttt-recipes-for-marketers#trend2

I used to get 12 HARO e-mails a day, now I get an alert if it’s relevant.

HARO is an industry favorite, but it’s not user-friendly until you IFTTT it.

Know your stats, stat.

3. (Metrics) AppAnnie’s app data


Amazing metrics, free with login.

I love App Annie almost more than her sister, Little Debbie.

Know your place in the pond.

4. (Metrics) Good ole’ Klout


It’s shallow, but addictive. Like #selfies. Or hashtags.

Sometimes, I wish I didn’t know about Klout. However, I will judge you if you say you know SMM but don’t know your Klout score.

Hear what’s said about you.

5. (Metrics) >Google Alerts, $ < Mention


Google Alerts suck, Mention costs money—so here’s a cheap ice rocket hack.

Worst site this side of the millennial turn, yet a great resource.

Cut the crap.

6. (Twitter/Instagram) Unfollow nonfollowers.


Balance out your ratios by unfollowing inactive accounts, people who unfollowed you recently, or those without the common sense to follow you back.

Make sure to turn off any sharing it wants to do on your behalf. I love JustUnfollow, and will pay for it, when I have discretionary income. I promise.

Get high-res on demand

7. (Images) Free image search


A searchable list of quality stock images that don’t require attribution.

It’s like @Dustin’s article on Medium: Stock Photos That Don’t Suck, but searchable. You’ll start seeing these images everywhere.

Add a caption in your Uber.

8. (Images) Best for on-the-go captions

On-Phone App: A Beautiful Mind

It might have been designed for 13 year old girls, but its awesome.

You can make some really girly images—or some really professional looking ones!

Art on the fly.

9. (Images) Best for quick, artistic filters

On-Phone App: PicsArt

3 mins on this app & you’ll start thinking you should have gone to RISD.

Great filters and masks with an easy to use interface. I used it on the very bottom image of this article.

WYSIWYG graphic designer.

10. (Images) If you have no design skill


Guy Kawasaki wants to put graphic designers out of business.

I like using this to make really cheesy photo/quote montages.

Twitter content spreadsheet.

11. (Twitter) My content organizer


So you can see how I maintain my Tweet ratios. Also useful if you recycle tweets, but… don’t.

I have it set for Fittr’s ratios.

Twitter’s all-in-one tool.

12. (Twitter) .csv upload & autoschedule


It’s still the best. (Check out www.hubyard.com sometime, though!)

I haven’t found a substitute that does everything that Hootsuite does, at least in a single place.

The blowfish in the know.

13. (General) Track your link, every time!


Seriously, you need to track your links. Bit.ly is awesome, use it.

I love you, Bitly!

Also, I’d strongly suggest taking pictures of your own. I used PicsArt on this photo of a WalMart hotpad.

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