Lessons learned 1 month after launching a live streaming platform

Before I say anything else I want to thank the amazing and tight-knit community that has formed in WeKiki — we would quite literally be nothing without you.

It’s been one month since WeKiki launched, and I’m so excited for its future.

Wait, what is WeKiki?

WeKiki is a four-person video chat platform. It requires a Facebook account to log in, but otherwise the rooms are public, available for anyone to see. There is a sidebar chat that can hold (theoretically) unlimited numbers of people.

It looks like this:

We posed, can you tell?

How’s it Going, Then, Really?

One month in, I’d say we had a slower start than I anticipated.

We got a bump in users from a great Next Web article and from our Product Hunt launch.

However, the majority of our traffic came from word of mouth before we even launched! I’m so glad I started an email list because it’s been our lifeblood. We also have an active and loyal Facebook group. Feel free to join if you’d like, it’s a great place to hang out.

As of the evening of April 4th, we have 1348 registered users.

This entire month’s cost has been funded by a T-shirt sale we held. (Thank you, Booster!)

The T-shirts are rolling in this week

What are the plans for WeKiki’s future?

There are 2 things WeKiki needs to do to survive:

  1. GROW
  2. Monetize

As for growing, we’ve set some targets for ourselves:

If you’d like to be a part of our growth community task force, email me so I can add you to our new Slack channel.

Monetization will prove more challenging. T-shirt sales do not a solid business plan make. Many community members have suggested small ads or sponsorship on sites like Patreon.

However, it looks like we will be providing the ability to create private rooms in exchange for a small, monthly fee. We hope to roll this feature out before May 5th.

Is an iOS app coming?

Yes, our planned release date is by December 5th.

WeKiki: Where Strangers Become Friends

Our goal at WeKiki is to carve out a friendly corner of the Internet.

Warning: following video is NSFW…

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