Kiki Schirr
May 9, 2015 · 2 min read

I feel like I should warn others

1. When I lost my job, they charged me more

No joke. When I went to the bank, nearly in tears after being laid off, to manually deposit my last paycheck, they told me that now I’d be charged $10/month for my checking account. “Unless you set up another direct deposit within the month.”


2. They pushed me into signing up for “free” identity theft protection

When I was still a college student (in 2009) they suggested I sign up for “free” identity theft protection for a year. So that probably ended in 2010. I just now noticed the $15.99/month charge for this service…

So that’s more than $1,000.

Trilegiant, the 3rd party company that provides this service, was forced to pay damages for similar practices in 2008: Trilegiant scam

Also: when my bank account was hacked, I was the first to notice.

3. Their upsells are shameless, manipulative, and constant

Whether it’s the unavoidable credit card ad they automatically direct you to upon signing in online, or the pushy bank tellers, Wells Fargo will NOT stop trying to tack on additional fees.

4. When I joked about being broke, they pushed credit cards

I’ve joked with the tellers numerous times about being poor, because, as an entrepreneur, there’s never much in my account. Without fail, their response is to push a credit card that I clearly can’t afford.

I shouldn’t be surprised that Wells Fargo treats poor people like this, look what they were accused of doing to people of color: Wells Fargo Racist?

5. Wells Fargo Corruption is blatant.

Try Google searching: Wells Fargo settlement. You might just be entitled to a payment. They’re always settling something, right now a Ponzi scheme against Haitian-Americans in South Florida. Wells Fargo Ponzi Scheme

So, yes, I’m finally going to switch banks. Anyone have any good recommendations?

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Kiki Schirr

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Growth Marketer at Former SF-techie, now wiser. Working remote from the mountains of Appalachia.

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