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Now that National Condom Week has come to an end, condoms have definitely been on my mind a lot lately — and in my writing. Since the need for a good wrap up never ends, here are the condom-related articles that I published before and during this week of sex education.

5 Condom Capers Gone Wrong

This article details five cases of attempted condom heists.

The Sex Context: The Latex Lament

In this stock photo flash fiction installment, I channel my inner “Ernest Hemingway” to portray a condom mishap.

Quickie: How Often Do Condoms Really Break?

This article discusses research…

Study looks at perceptions created by different condom negotiation strategies

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How will people perceive you for asking to use a condom? Research shows it depends on how you ask.

In an article published in Sex Roles, researchers looked at how people respond to common condom negotiation strategies. In one study, they asked 150 undergraduate students to watch videos of three situations where a man or a woman suggested the use of a condom before an encounter. They were then asked for their opinions on how the partner viewed the proposer, as well as the likelihood that the couples went on to have sex with a condom after the conversation. …

If you don’t, you may be neglecting another level of protection

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It’s National Condom Week, and you may be learning some facts about condoms that you never heard before. As I was interviewing experts for my condom myths article, I know I learned something I hadn’t heard before when Bathmate sex expert Kerri Middleton let me know that we should use condoms with our sex toys. I inquired about this further and this is the information she gave me.

What are some reasons that people should use condoms when they’re playing with sex toys?

Sharing sex toys with other people can spread sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and bacterial infections due to…

Because candy is half off today

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Are you still feeling the love after Valentine’s Day? Or are you just sticking around for the half off on candy? Whether you want to extend that loving feeling or have something to read while you enjoy some more sweet treats, here are my recent Valentine’s Day themed articles for your reading pleasure in case you missed them.

The Sex Context: Shots to the Heart

This stock photo flash fiction looks at a daring way to spice things up on Valentine’s Day.

25 of My Favorite Quotes About Love for Valentine’s Day

How do I love quotes? These are some…

Research shows it may be more chill than Cupid

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Do you watch romantic movies with your partner on Valentine’s Day? Although this tradition may seem like it’s all about lovey dovey feelings inspired by Cupid, studies published in the Journal of Consumer Research show that you may actually be responding to what’s going on with the temperature more than what’s going on in your heart.

“This research offers implications for the movie industry.”

“We often think of love as being warm. This link between love and warmth appears in everyday language, songs, and poems,” authors Jiewen Hong and Yacheng Sun wrote in their article. …

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