Thank you for writing this.
Caprica Is Burning

Thanks for sharing this. I have long suspected that my brother is married to a female psychopath. She beats him black and blue. She also spends all their money and then attacks his masculinity if he is to tell her to be more prudent or asks her to help him pay off the mounting debts. So, my brother goes around to his siblings, relatives, friends…asking for help but always begging those he asks not to tell her about what he is doing as she will use it against him. She must have gaslighted him very well because he always sees the lack of money solely as his fault and responsibility to solve. I’ve been helping him with money for years, but also trying to get a more permanent solution, like coming up with a financial plan for them to get out of their mess. But they can never stick to it ‘cos she spends all the money and is not interested in any long term solutions which would always mean she needs to compromise on satiating her bottomless materialistic appetite. They don’t have enough to even feed their kids ‘cos all their money gets spent on her. The kids are resorting to stealing money and food from friends. My brother and his kids are withering away and I can only helplessly watch…It’s all so f***ed up.

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