10 Things I wish I’d known About Gaslighting
Shea Emma Fett

Wish I had known more about gaslighting earlier too and am glad to see so much more information available on it now. Thanks for sharing such a painful part of your life in such detail so that others like me may learn more about gaslighting.

I had my own personal experience being gaslighted. I was bewildered when it happened to me and started reading up. My research led me to sociopathy and psychopathy and I suspected that the person gaslighting me was (is still?..idk, been no contact for many years now) suffering from one of those personality disorders. Some of my readings mention a link between those disorders and gaslighting.

I’m thankful I decided to leave that relationship early (it lasted maybe a few months). Though it was brief, I still resented the fact that someone had the audacity to think they had the right to obfuscate my reality/intelligence. Though I may not embark on it, I will be interested to know if there is any way to get back at (avenge) ‘gaslighters’. Most articles I read thus far provide deeper understanding on what gaslighting is but none mentions how to get out of such a situation with as little damage to oneself as possible, or even get back at the perpetrator. Just sayin’.

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