Hi ~ You’ve received a Year of Tiger greeting from KIKO!

As 2022 Chinese New Year is coming, KIKO has prepared 60 “the Year of Tiger” gifts for the early KIKO users. Please add Thanksgiving KIKO NFT gallery in time to receive the Year of Tiger Special Edition NFT:

NFT Meta: 0x8355417c88d969f656935244641256ad::ThanksgivingKikoCat::KikoCatMeta

NFT Body: 0x8355417c88d969f656935244641256ad::ThanksgivingKikoCat::KikoCatBody

The following six indicators are considered. The honors (achievements) and benefits are as follows.

  1. NFT transaction amount: Monopoly (1 to 5); Fortune (6 to 10)
  2. NFT Mining Power: Collector (1 to 5); Gold Miner (6 to 10)
  3. Community Contribution: Original Gangster(1 to 5); Kiko Angel (6 to 10)
  4. Number of AWW Minting: Fighting King (1 to 5); Player One (6 to 10)
  5. Number of NFT transactions: Touchstone (1 to 5); Piercing Eye (6 to 10)
  6. Product experience: Vanguard (1 to 5); Never Absent (6 to10)

Unlocked rights.

Premium rights (1~5): Next mystery box free airdrop * 1 + KIKO sticker naming(30 days)

Ordinary rights (6~10): 50% discount on next mystery box * 1

1. What is “the Year of Tiger Special Edition NFT”/#THE WAY WITH YOU#?

#THE WAY WITH YOU# is a special NFT for the Year of Tiger, which entrusts KIKO’s New Year’s blessing. It is also an annual summary for you showing the way with Kiko. Besides, it is an identity credential that gives KIKO’s supporters a unique identity. In the future, “identity” will be used in Kikoverse, along with VIP points and rights, DAO autonomy, and more social features.

This is the first step of KIKO user VIP system. In the future, Kiko will improve the user system and give different levels of user rights; each level may be represented in the form of NFT. Please look forward to it.

2. How to get the “the Year of Tiger Special Edition NFT”?

Please add Thanksgiving KIKO NFT gallery in StarMask wallet, and join the KIKO official community, then DM the group admin to claim your NFT.

3. What is the purpose of the “the Year of Tiger NFT”?

#THE WAY WITH YOU# is your ID in Kikoverse, it will always be a public and transparent way to prove that you have interacted with KIKO. Please keep it well!

Please note that this special edition NFT has no mining power and cannot be used for NFT mining, but can be traded freely in the KIKO NFT Market.

4. How do I claim my rewards (Mystery box, airdrop or purchase discount)?

Before the next Mystery Box is launched, please add a new NFT Gallery by following the official guidance to receive a Mystery Box drop after the launch (discounts require prepayment), the launch time will be notified in advance. The rewards (one-time) are only linked to the user’s Starmask address and is not attached to this NFT.

Limited-time stickers will be available at Discord. Initially, the title will be the last six digits of the user’s address. And in the future, a custom title function will be launched. Stay tuned!

5. I’ve been following KIKO for a long time. Why am I not eligible for the reward?

There is a limited number of rewards available at this time, and the priority will be given to long-term supporters of KIKO since its launch. Each user address will only be selected once, and the highest ranking will be calculated. The evaluation criteria will take into account a number of factors, including the overall table, the contribution to the KIKO community, etc. The final interpretation is the responsibility of the KIKO officials.

Please keep following and supporting us if you don’t receive a reward this time. KIKO will be with every user in the Starcoin Network!

Join the KIKO Discord and experience the new emoji stickers coming soon. Join the KIKO Discord and experience being an early ecology builder!

KIKO wishes you all a prosperous year! Hope you get rich!




·Medium: https://medium.com/@KikoResearch





Fishing Crypto With KIKO.

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Fishing Crypto With KIKO.

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