Artificial Intelligence — Deep Learning — Technology

Artificial intelligence (AI) is defined as intelligence exhibited by machines or software. Nvidia Corp. designs graphics processing units for the gaming market, and chip unit systems for the mobile computing and automotive markets. It claims to be at the center of virtual reality, AI and self-driving cars.

Deep learning (DL) is a method of recognizing objects and more recently being able to act based on what an algorithm recognizes. Thus DL qualifies as machine learning, a form of AI.

In yet one more story on technological advance, this article quotes Nvidia’s CEO, Jen-Hsun Huang, who says in the past two years Nvidia was talking with 100 companies. Industries included advertising, energy, cars, finance, and medicine. Today Mr. Huang says Nvidia is talking to about bout DL with about 3,500 companies.

It may well be the findings of Oxford University professors Carl Frey and Michael Osborne set out in their 2013 paper “The Future of Employment: How Susceptible Are Jobs to Computerization” ( It may also be that the timing they suggested for 47% U.S. job losses to technology by 2033 may be wrong. It may happen sooner than that. For sure that seems to be likely for many of the 752 types of U.S. jobs categorized by Drs. Frey and Osborne in their paper.

Read “One stat shows how artificial intelligence is exploding into the world” at Business Insider —

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