On Gaslighting Yourself At Work
Megan Reynolds

Goodness, yes. I try very hard to not take things personally and just do the work. I am also an excellent break taker (10–15 minutes in the morning, 1 hours for lunch, 10–15 minutes in the afternoon). These breaks do so much for my sanity in resetting my thoughts and emotions for the day. Having a moment to reflect on my job is healthy and I realize I am doing OK. Nothing is falling apart! If I was working without breaks all day, it would destroy my confidence.

And when I leave work I LEAVE work — no emails, actively do not think about projects, do not check voice mail, etc. I am hourly, not salaried, so I feel like it is easier for me to cut off work time when I am not paid to do it. Hopefully when I reach a salaried position in the future I can keep the good break habits and reflection time.

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