How I met the perfect guy and then lost him for good..

It’s crazy to think that a 20 year old girl like me needed to use Tinder to find a boyfriend. To be honest the only reason I got Tinder was because I had just gone through a really awful breakup, and what better way to get over the guy who broke your heart;Get under somebody new.

As I was living on my moms couch, and working full time I decided to go on Tinder. That’s when my life changed forever. I matched with a guy from Kentucky, he was very cute and funny so we decided to meet and go out to eat. He took me to a sushi restaurant downtown and we hung out all night. I liked him, he was funny and we just kind of connected. We began to see eachother more and more. He was in recovery in North Carolina for heroin. We would sleep at hotels and when he finally moved out of the halfway house I slept at his house.

We dated for about 2 months before we broke up. I was heartbroken once again and got back together with my EX from the first break up. Me and the guy from Tinder texted occasionally, and I missed him a lot and he missed me but I was just not in a good place to start dating him again. About a month later some friends and I were hanging out at my house and I got on Facebook to find that the guy from Tinder had passed away. Herion overdose. My heart hit the bottom of my stomach, I cried for days. To be honest I still cry.

I’m thankful I got to know such a lovely human being who taught me my self worth. I’m thankful that we didn’t work out, because who knows, I could have been either addicted to herion or even found him dead the morning after his overdose. But most of all I’m thankful for every memory I have with him and he’s always in the back of my head. Thank you for all you have done for me. I hope to see you again in heaven.

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