Gen X takes on Millennials

I just read this article posted to my Twitter feed, @brianwright732, from @inc. It is all about why Gen X hates Millennials. It talks about how we Gen X’ers are dealing with midlife and the reality that we are the next group to be in the end phase of everything while the Millennials are the up and comers. I don’t feel this way at all. I am not looking at my life as even close to over and I don’t hate millennials. I see much more hate in my Mom’s demo, 60’s, than I do in my own, 40’s.

Gen X is different. We grew up with Gangster Rap, Punk Rock, and the Grunge. Being a NJ native, I have that edge to me also. Being a Gen X’er from NJ is a little different. We tend to talk faster, curse more, and get pissed easier than others. I look at all of this as my strength and I don’t any one group, I think I hate a mild hate for everyone. It is just part of being Jerzy.

All this Millennial vs the world nonsense is getting old. Say whatever you want about Millennials but the critics created them. The people in their 60’s created the tech, 50’s raised them, and 40’s are their bosses. We all need to stop complaining as and seeing that there is a value in their viewpoint, and promise in how they operate.

In a world where work is changing, the Millennials are the most prepared to shift and survive. While labor gets automated and tech becomes more and more a part of our lives, Millennials will be ruling the new positions and shaping how we use the new tools for years to come. The lack of work ethic is bogus — they just want to do work that has a personal meaning for them. The idea that they can’t communicate is bogus — they communicate different and much more than any previous generation. They are not wrong, they are different.

Your parents criticized you, their parents criticized them… it has been the same since the beginning of time. The only constant is change and the other is old people not liking it. I personally identify much more with Millennials then my own group because I embrace today and am enjoying all the changes that are happening. I do not wish it was 2005, 200, or 1992. I love 2017 and look forward to the advancements in the years to come. The funny part is that you do too. I highly doubt you actually wish we didn’t have the convenience of tech that we have today. You like your TV, your computer, your smartphone, your wifi on airplanes, and your new car.

Stop looking back as if it was better, stop hating on other generations because they are different, and stop acting as if you are not enjoying the advancements. You are just wasting time and ensuring that the next generation will take what you have because they are moving forward while you are standing still.

Brian Wright

Instagram: brianwright732

Twitter: @brianwright732

Snapchat: killerbcsa


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