Let’s crush some dreams

The best way to crush souls and ensure that your staff disengages is to micromanage, be secretive, and never celebrate a victory. Why do we know what doesn’t work but can’t help ourselves when it comes to leadership? I know way more bad leaders than I know good. I believe that good leadership requires trust which many people view as a risk. Why trust and risk being hurt? When we can do it all ourselves and pay people to just do what we want? Crazy talk but what many of you reading this are dealing with in management or what you are doing as managers.

Micromanaging is the worst offender. Lacking the discipline and patience needed to allow things to be done by those you are paying to do it, simply breaks people. People need a purpose. Having a job to do, the room and tools to do it, plus the opportunity to fail or succeed to to their own efforts is where the magic management happens. I don’t know many that get up in the morning and intend to do a bad job. When you have a micromanaging boss, you don’t really want to do anything because you don’t have the freedom of action or room to operate.

No matter what you pay people, micromanaging will never be tolerated by people you should want to keep. Talent doesn’t collect checks, they do good work. Check collectors don’t care and will let you kill yourself all day long. Take a look at who you have around you, is it talent or is it check collectors?

Besides doing everyone’s jobs or hovering so hard that creativity and initiative is crushed, keeping secrets is the next biggest crusher. It’s business people, you don’t need to keep secrets unless you are doing the wrong thing. If you are doing the right thing, for the right reason, and have a big value for the market — what is there to hide? I know people that won’t let staff look at reports because they are afraid of what they will do with the info? Seriously, who cares about your business? Nobody…

Being transparent is important to gain trust. When people trust you and know what is going on, they will stay with you in the good times and work thru the bad times because trust goes a long way in creating loyalty and respect. A lack of transparency can create a false narrative within your company. People can start taking actions against ideas that are not based in reality. This is not good. You need people to be motivated to change the curse when things are bd and to build on the positive when things are good. If you are always doom and gloom or faking happy all the time, nobody will view you as trustworthy, which also means that they don’t give you their best. Why would anyone invest in something they doubt?

Lastly, the fastest way to win the race to the bottom to always ask for more while never stopping to celebrate the victories. If all you see is what’s next, you will lose those that got you to where you are. I see so many teams of people shrink over time because they get frustrated because it’s always more, the feeling is that they are not appreciated, and the motivation to do more just dwindles. It is hard to come up with a reason why to do more when you haven’t been appreciated for how much you already have done.

People are all the same world wide. We like to be appreciated, we like to have a purpose, and we like to feel a part of something we believe in plus believes in us. How is it a risk to trust people enough to create a culture that brings out people’s best? Why is it hard to get greater results, longer lasting results because we included, trained, and empowered employees?

Don’t let fear stop you from being a good leader. True strength is doing the right thing in the face of fear. Face your fears and get the job done in a way that actually works.

Brian Wright


CEO Phitin


President, Pitti Bimi Inc


Owner, Killer B Combat Sports