JANUARY 4, 2016.


Thinking about losing weight is like thinking about getting out of debt. Weight is a symptom just like debt. It is not the underlying problem. When you fix the problem, the symptom goes away permanently. How many people do you know whose New Year’s Resolution is to lose weight? It’s the most common one out there. The big question is, how many of those people are repeat customers of the “I want to lose weight” trend every year? The weight loss market is a 60 billion dollar industry. The reason why most people will never succeed in losing weight on a permanent basis is that the industry is not educating people that the weight is not the problem. You can’t just lose weight permanently with some quick fix. However, this appears to be the mentality of many people. Is there really a magic pill, revolutionary diet or simple exercise routine that will make everything all better? If people really want to lose weight and keep it off, then we recommend you to STOP THINKING ABOUT LOSING WEIGHT and start thinking about the journey ahead. Think about success. Think about your new lifestyle that will produce the results you want every day. Think about creating a whole new you. If you need some help with that, then go ask people who are already successful. Talk to people who are healthy, fit, look and feel great. See what kind of lifestyle they live. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. There are many people who lead healthy lives and reap the benefits. These people are your entry point for creating the image of your new you. Now put your emotions aside and look at the facts. It’s easy to let your emotions get carried away when it comes to weight but the more objective you can stay the better. Look at where you are at as a starting point and nothing else. There is no good or bad, right or wrong, only where you are and where you want to be. If you are ready to change your current situation then let’s move on to number 2.


Creating a whole new you starts with your ability to sustain an energy output. In other words, you must have stamina, endurance and fitness. Your heart and lungs are at the central core of your engine or metabolism. If your metabolism is strong and efficient then it will burn fuel. If it is inefficient and weak then burning will take place at a much slower rate and you will store fuel. If the fuel is never used, then it just keeps piling on. This is fat. Our bodies should be burning much of what we eat on a regular basis. So how do you know if you are strengthening your metabolism? One of the key indications is your sweat. Sweat is a cooling mechanism the body uses to release heat. When the large muscle groups in your legs exert enough energy on a continuous basis, your body heats up enough to release sweat. However, all sweat is not the same. Sweating due to an increase in heat from your muscles working is much different than sweating because the room is heated. An efficient cardiovascular exercise program incorporates 3 types of workouts. Longer, steady intervals (30 minutes and longer) build your overall stamina. Intermediate, faster paced intervals (3–8 minutes) are important for seeing fitness gains and improving your metabolism. Shorter, high intensity intervals (20 sec-2 min) are critical for power and strength production. Elliptical, rowing, cycling, hiking, swimming, and running can all be great cardiovascular exercises. Your ability to heat up your body, create sweat and build your engine is your ticket to long term success. If you’ve got a great exercise program in place it’s now time to talk about fuel.


If you drove a really nice car, would you put in the lowest grade gas and oil available? Of course not, because then you wouldn’t be giving your nice car the opportunity to perform at its’ best. So, why is it that we constantly fuel our bodies up with the lowest grade food possible? If our bodies are given inadequate fuel sources there is no way we can keep our engines running strong. Foods containing sugars, refined grains, and solid fats, are among the worst fuel sources available. Here is the secret to avoiding sugar and poor quality fuel sources that won’t allow your body to perform: pretend they don’t exist. Of course this is not possible, but we all know that temptation is a killer. If you have never had a sweet cookie you wouldn’t know what you are missing and truthfully you would be much better off. If you keep that stuff out of your house then you won’t be tempted nearly as much. Of course it won’t kill you to have a cookie every once in a while, but that can’t happen on a regular basis and it can never be thought of as quality fuel. Good fuel sources include lots of fresh vegetables, healthy fats. These foods provide nutrients to your diet. It can be difficult to eat quality food sources unless you shop and cook at home on a regular basis. When you eat at a restaurant it’s often hard to know everything that was put into your food and temptation will always be there! Fresh foods will nourish your body from head to toe. It’s best to think about where your food comes from and to eat things that are or were recently alive. Before eating, get used to asking yourself this question: Is this food nourishing my body and helping my engine run efficiently?

To recap: Stop thinking about losing weight and start changing your ways. Get excited about the process and the journey. Get ready to LOOK FIT, FEEL FIT, and BE FIT. You will have a new found self-confidence and be successful once and for all.

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