An unfinished 3D-printed Glock pistol frame. Photos: Jenny Riffle

All you need is a blueprint, a polymer, a printer, and a knowledge of government regulations—so you know how to bend them

Life in the Time of Coronavirus

A series about how this pandemic affects our lives, our loved ones, our work, and our way of life

A photo illustration of a woman getting her cartilage pierced by a professional piercer against a backdrop of Coronavirus.
Photo illustration. Image sources: Eugenio Marongiu/Getty Images, 4x-image/Getty Images

Maria Clara, a casino porter at the Golden Nugget and member of Culinary 226, which declined to endorse a candidate.
Maria Clara is a casino porter and a member of Culinary 226, which declined to endorse a Democratic candidate. Photos: Raphael Chatelain

Without key endorsements, these union workers are going their own way as the Nevada caucus looms

When your family believes in the religion you’ve disavowed

Photo: Frantisek Duris/Unsplash

Alt-right rallies are failing, thanks to anarchist action — so why aren’t we hearing about it?

Photo: Thomas Patterson/AFP/Getty Images

Exploring the slippery concept of a “final resting place” in 2018

Credit: homeworks255/iStock via Getty Images Plus

Me and Rosie / 2016

Kim Kelly

Freelance journalist, organizer, and all-around troublemaker covering labor, politics, and culture for GEN, Teen Vogue, the Baffler, the New Republic, and more.

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