I wrote about this in 2008…and yet things continue to go in the same horrible direction.
Helga Vierich

In the 10 years since I have been awake to what is coming, I grow more enamoured each day of the possibility that homo sapiens sapiens will not emerge on the other side of it. I apologise for how that sounds, and I invite you not to take it personally (as surely our ends will come long before the end of the species, or at least before the end). I am keeping a prolific non-cloud archive of films, docos, and television shows that I hope will provide some benefit to those who remain after me and have access to enough electricity to run a laptop. I jokingly imagine I may one day barter it for my life, if I choose to face those times.

I so wish that the media and former leaders had had the balls to acknowledge the looming (or perhaps burgeoning) abrupt climate collapse that is already underway all around me here in Australia. I often fantasise that this would permit my parents (rabid Drumpfers) to realise how much common ground they have with my own worldview, and that the problems they see are a result of the very things they voted into the WH (namely, crapitalism and a crapitalist, along with the mistaken notion that we are all separate).

Thank you, Helga, for your devotion. And again I apologise if this is too doomy. It’s just so rare that I encounter someone who thinks about these things since I left facebook….perhaps that is changing as American fascism blooms like a crocus. My best to you.

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