How to Maintain Your Sense of Wonder
Arianna Huffington

Wonderful excerpt! :)

When I was 21, I moved to a new town with my boyfriend of two years. We had just travelled Europe and we were going to start a new life together. The day I got a job — I mean the very same day — my boyfriend suddenly broke the relationship off. I was devastated! There were tears, and tantrums and many cries of “why” and “how can you do this to me”.

However, because I had just secured a job, I decided to stay in the new town rather than move back to my hometown. I found a spare room rented out by a recently-divorced lady called Irene, and moved in with her.

Later the same year, my father (long since divorced from my mother) came to visit me. The very moment he and Irene met, you could feel the connection. Within six months, they were engaged to be married and Irene moved away to live with him.

When Irene moved out she took her furniture with her, so I had to go shopping at a local budget-store for replacements. As I left the shop that day, the security guard called out to me. He was an old friend of my brother, from their days in the military, and he just happened to be working at the store that day because of a last-minute schedule change. As we chatted, he offered to take me out on the town with his wife and another of my brother’s military friends; a man named Todd whom I had met a few times as a teenager.

It is 22 years since Todd and I started dating and nearly 19 years since we were married. I have a wonderful husband, an enchanted life, two glorious children and my father and Irene are still enjoying their quiet life together.

All because my boyfriend broke my heart on the day I got a job.

I love the magic of coincidence and truly believe that things don’t happen TO you, they happen FOR you. The more you can trust that process, the more miraculous it becomes.

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