We all have good and bad days. The contrast is valuable. We could never appreciate true joy if we didn’t have the contrast to know what the alternatives feel like.

Recently a lovely friend of mine was having a bad day. Well, as most of my friends can attest to, and I think many of us have the same reaction, we instinctively want to help them feel better. So, I go into fix-it mode because I have noticed that she has had a stream of bad luck and events happening to her lately.

I would hear her say things like….”I just can’t catch a break” and “Everything keeps going wrong.”

I decided I was ready to share what I have learned over the years of studying and reading about the Law of the Universe, or Law of Attraction as some call it. How there is a pattern to our lives sometimes….like people who say “if they didn’t have bad luck, then they wouldn’t have any at all”….and that’s what they get. Or saying, “they always pick the longest lineups”, or “they can never find a good parking spot.”

Well, they are right. That’s what they put out into the universe. God is perhaps obliging their orders.

I have another friend who says that she walks with a cloud above her head and how her life is full of misgivings and calamity, and it’s so true. Catastrophes are a regular part of her life.

But then there are the people who repeatedly have great things happen to them.

These people continue to succeed in every aspect. It’s as though their confidence and positive attitude can’t steer them wrong. They are always happy and never complain about anything. Some chalk it up to just being lucky, or hard work, but there is much more going on behind the scenes.

As a child, I remember grocery shopping with my mom and she would always say how she picks the longest lineups. Well, that is exactly what would always happen……there would be a price check or a lady with a hundred coupons. Years later, as I became a shopper myself, I found myself saying exactly the same thing!! And that’s exactly what happened…. pretty much every time.

It’s what I believed would happen and therefore it did! Thankfully, one day a friend told me to YouTube Earl Nightingale’s ‘The Strangest Secret’. So, I did.

It was the beginning of a new awareness for me.

I started to understand how thoughts and, even more importantly, feelings, become things! It took me a while because we are so conditioned to believe otherwise, but I thought, “I must give this a shot”.

Slowly over time, I began to see the significant worth of this ideology, and real manifestations of its truth. I started practicing with little things like saying and believing with a conviction that I will pick the quickest lineups….and I did. I kept saying to myself, “I always find four leaf clovers”, and I did.

Slowly, more and more good things began to manifest for me as I would practice these positive beliefs.

One example I love to share is the day Avery went to his first rock concert with me….Bon Jovi.

My friend had given tickets to me as a present because she knew I loved Bon Jovi. She couldn’t afford the greatest ticket seats, but that was okay. We were just excited to get to go at all!

On our one hour drive to Vancouver, I decided to try out my new found belief in the Law of Attraction with Avery. I said with the most enthusiasm and vigor, “Avery, something very special is going to happen to us today!!! Can’t you feel it??? Let’s believe this with all our might and know it to be true!!”

He was so excited, laughing emphatically and agreeing wholeheartedly!

Arriving in the city, we dropped our car off at my sister and brother in law’s house. They had tickets too, only one’s with very good seats. Together, we all took the SkyTrain to the concert.

Once we were inside and getting into the elevator, they teased us about our seats and said, “We hope you don’t get a nose bleed.”

Avery said to me, “What do they mean by that Mom?” I replied, “Oh never mind them, that’s just a phrase for people who are high up and don’t have great seats. We’ll be fine, they have big screens everywhere.”

Well, soon after that, a young man approached us and said, “I work with the promotional department in the band and have two extra floor tickets if you would like.”

Avery and I look at each other, then at the man, and I blurted out, “Sure….. but really????”

He said, “Yes indeed”, then proceeded to hand us the tickets as we thanked him very much.

After giving a smug grin to my sister and brother in law, I press the down arrow on elevator button. On our ride down, Avery was beaming and bursting with excitement, and whispers in my ear, “Mom, The Law of Attraction really does exist!!!”

What a wonderful moment, and what an incredible night…..we ended up being so close to Bon Jovi that I could see his armpit hair!!

As I shared these stories and beliefs with my friend, I saw the sparkle in her eye begin to return, and gratefully she said, “Thank you so much Kim, I really never thought of it this way before, but it makes perfect sense. I surely see how I must stop this negative mindset I have been holding.”

I thanked her as well because one of the best and rewarding gifts we can offer each other is the hope and inspiration to see better days ahead. I look forward to seeing how she makes out and will keep you posted.

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