Someone has to buy the toilet paper—and decide how many rolls they can afford.

Photo credit: Meditations, CC0 Public Domain.

When I was a kid, one of my favorite parts of birthdays and holidays was getting access to my mother’s gift wrap supply. She kept it in a large Tupperware storage bin under her bed, an inconspicuous-looking container that, when opened, was bursting with everything gift-related. There were two shallow…

“Don’t bet what you can’t afford to lose,” my dad told me. But I did anyway.

Photo credit: novelrobinson, CC0 Public Domain

The first time I gambled with my own money was when my dad asked me if I wanted to play 21 blackjack. I eagerly agreed; back then my allowance was maybe 50 cents a week, so I wasn’t exactly rolling in dough, but the prospect of increasing the small stockpile…

Photo credit: Igor Ovsyannykov | Unsplash

How an app designed to help you sell clothes slowly convinces you to buy them.

When my boyfriend’s friend’s fiancée extended to us our first invite on a couple’s vacation, I had to respectfully decline. It wasn’t even anything terribly exciting — just a few days at Asbury Park, a whole hour-and-a-half drive from our Brooklyn apartment.

“I’d say we’d be interested but we’re a…

Kimberly Lew

Writer of plays, blogs, and the monthly check when the rent is due.

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