I figured the cost to attend NYU for 2 years over the cost of staying at UGA would have been at…

You’re absolutely right! I think that I actually spent a lot more on NYU, though trying to account for exactly how much is tricky. I estimated about $30,000, since that was about the amount of my student loans, without which I wouldn’t have been able to go to NYU. Luckily, I had a college fund that helped cover about my first year of tuition/rent there, and while I would’ve had had some of that money leftover if I had stayed at UGA, I’ve always assumed that money was for higher education, so I had never really considered that spending money — in a way, that WAS money I could afford to spend on my education because that was exactly what it was allotted for. The real total, however as you pointed out, is much higher, including if I factor in interest on the loans.

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