How To Start Your Own Revolution

The world needs help right? War, drugs, rape, genocide, environmental degradation, social alienation, random acts of violence, evil dictators with chemical weapons. It’s pretty sick what we’ve become accustomed to reading about in the daily news. People are confused. Unkind. Unhappy. This is not how human beings are meant to live.

Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche spoke about this thing we all have inside called basic goodness — a fundamental quality of sanity and kindness found in every being. He spent his life sharing this message and encouraging people to discover it. Because here’s the thing: when you are not connecting with basic goodness, then not only do you suffer, but you also cause others to suffer. When you connect with your own basic goodness, then the world benefits. And so do you.

Personal evolution creates global revolution.

Change your own mind (which in basic goodness terms means heart) and you change the vibe of the entire world. Have you ever been to a gathering where one person is simply radiating something special? It’s inspiring and can shift group energy. Great leaders understand this. By contrast, you’ve probably been places where there is one party pooper who ruins the mood for everyone — Black Shadow Butch, or Aggressive Andy. Don’t ever underestimate your power to change the status quo, simply by shifting your attitude. There is a phenomenon called entrainment where one being causes another to gradually synchronize with it. If you refine your mind and settle into a state of open, peaceful compassion, others will pick up on this and be affected.

So this is my mission: to help you reconnect with the source of your goodness so that, together, we can raise consciousness. Call it self empowerment. Call it evolutionary. I’m calling it a revolution. Are you on board?

Here’s what it’s about. Saying NO to:

  • Your inner critic
  • Disempowering relationships
  • Suffering in silence
  • Disrespect in any form
  • Seeing weakness as a fault
  • Being ashamed of vulnerability
  • Hiding what is true
  • Meanness, cruelty, aggression and violence
  • Living someone else’s life
  • Ignoring your true calling
  • Denying of your own power

When you connect with your own basic goodness, then the world benefits. And so do you.

Instead, say YES to:

  • Self-love
  • Expressing your passion
  • Kindness and Compassion
  • Respect for self and others
  • Creativity and stepping outside of standardized formats
  • Generosity and gratitude
  • Nurturing relationships
  • Fulfilling work and finding your calling
  • Time for play and laughter
  • Living in the present moment
  • Honouring your inner wisdom, even when no one else gets it

You could say (or if you won’t, then I’ll say it) that all our current problems in this era stem from a fundamental disrespect for the feminine force. We are heavily imbalanced on this planet toward the masculine energy — pushing, forcing, domination over natural elements, aggression, focusing on achievement and accruing power. Feminine power is different. It is quiet, accepting, flexible and based on relationships — collaborating, nurturing and supporting. It’s based on working with nature, both inside and out. The masculine force is not bad–we need it to create structure and establish foundations– but without the feminine, it gets stuck in rigidity and can favor progress over relationship. All yang and no yin results in a harsh reality. It’s not wise. The feminine is wise. Relationship is the food of life, our daily love dose. We need each other, which implies collaboration, understanding, acceptance. How much longer are we going to tolerate this imbalance?

Here’s how to start your own revolution: tune into the feminine wisdom, (which men also possess) and see what needs to shift. It is accessible through a practice such as yoga or meditation, or through connecting with art, nature or people. Spend time each day doing something that has no practical purpose except to enjoy your life. There’s no big declaration necessary. Just listen to your heart and follow it. Communicate it. Live it. The only thing to “do “ is to notice what feels off. Set your intention and see how your life and the people in it respond.