Bonne Année

1986. My first trip to Paris. I became a temporary resident of the 11ème arrondissement, celebrating my sixteenth birthday in our cramped apartment by the Place de la Bastille. A walking, talking, flirting hormone. I wandered the streets, wishing for an apartment with a view of the Tuileries, a sexy French lover, and not to be forced to return to my dreadful life in the States.

2016. In the suburbs of Paris. I celebrate my father-in-law’s birthday while ringing in another sweet New Year. I never got the apartment in the 1ère arrondissement, but I found my sexy French lover and he married me. Slowly, life in the States transformed into formidable, becoming more beautiful with the birth of each of my precious daughters.

It all seems a roundabout way of having my sixteenth birthday wishes realized. It’s thirty years later, but not thirty years too late.

Bonnes fêtes et bonne année.

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