The Most Popular Products of CES 2016

According to Twitter

CES is known for being the launch platform of a bunch gadgets: from standard smartphones to smart house kits, to wearables, to health sensors and much, much more.

This year CES hosted over 3,600 companies across the Las Vegas Convention Center 2.4 million square feet (official source).

Keeping track of every single announcement made at CES is impossible.

Instead of running around from booth to booth at CES with our smart hoverboards, we at Kimchi Media decided to embrace our technology, Twitter Data Mining, to find out which products stood out the most.

Here’s our list!

Day 0

Some products leak a bit ahead of the conference.

The weirdest one was absolutely the Samsung fridge, officially unveiled as the Family Hub fridge two days later, while the most popular pre-announcement came from Fitness Tracker company Mio Global and its Mio Slice fitness band.

The Mio Slice Fitness Tracker along with our algorithm results.

The Mio Slice is pretty much an improved Nike+ Fuelband, with playful health points personalized to the wearer age, weight, hearth rate and based on a NTNU study. It will hit the shelves later this year.

The Mio Slice is pretty much an improved Nike+ Fuelband, with playful health points personalized to the wearer age, weight, hearth rate and based on a NTNU study. It will hit the shelves later this year.

Day 1

The first press-only day saw a big wave of announcements. There were new health products, smart homes gadgets, drones, computer upgrades, and more.

Among all, the stunning 1000-horsepower electric concept car Faraday FFZERO1 took home the most popular award.

The FFZERO1 is an insane Tesla competitor with a gorgeous steampunk design and over the top performances. Too bad this is just a concept car to show the company’s potential, and not an upcoming commercial product.

Honorable mentions for day 1 go to the elegant laptop Lenovo Yoga 900, the Parrot Disco Drone, and the Lego Robotics Education Platform WeDo 2.0.

Charts data from our algorithm.

Day 2

If Day 1 was big, just wait for Day 2!

There were so many announcements, but only one clear winner: the revived videocamera Kodak Super 8.

The former, legendary model (with the same name) is 50 years old and was used to record many classics such as Star Wars. 
Kodak promises that the new Super 8 will be available this fall.

The announcement reached people way beyond the tech enthusiasts realm and we are not surprised of its popularity.

What surprised us was the announcement itself: just remember, prior to this, Kodak’s latest product was a selfie stick!

So many announcements!

Day 3

Day 2 was the biggest day of CES: we gathered over 12000 Tweets in less than 7 hours!

Thankfully, the announcements started to slow down from day 3.

However, this doesn’t mean that products presented today are less interesting!
If you’re still skeptical, hear this: the most popular product of day 3 is the Chinese-manufactured autonomous helicopter Ehang 184.

Forget autonomous cars, this is CES: we live in the future.

The 184 carries one person, can travel up to 11,480 feet (~3.5km) high, goes as fast as 62 miles per hour (~100km/h), and fly for up to 23 minutes on a full battery.

Unfortunately, there are no concrete plans to make it an actual commercial product.

About a third of the Tweets on day 3 were about the Ehang 184.

Day 4

At last, our final day.

Razer debuted its first fitness tracking wearable at CES 2014 with the Nabu smartband, at CES 2015 it announced a cheaper model, the Nabu X, so it should come with no surprise that, even this year, Razer announced a new wearable: the Nabu Watch.

Nevertheless, the Razor loyal fanbase is big enough to make this the biggest announcement of the day.

The Nabu Watch, with its Casio G-Shock body, is two devices in one:

  1. One device is the standard watch, that takes the main screen, with up-to-1-year battery;
  2. The other device is the Nabu smartband with a separate, secondary screen and a battery that lasts up to 1 week.

Wrap Up

This year we have seen a lot of new products: some weirder than others, some pretty cool.

These are the products that generated the biggest buzz during CES 2016. Thanks for reading!

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