If you were fighting against the Liberal and One Nation; you would focus simply on Racism, Human Rights, and economic development with industry that is sustainable, eco friendly and have a moral code that appeals to the majority of the population. No person wants our government committing crimes against humanity, or destroying the planet to the point that it is unlivable. These views are of a majority statistically, and also with teenagers and children who are bright and already writing about warming waters and the devastation of the coal industry. The media needs to support these popular views, rather than the corrupt views and policies devised by the Liberal government.

Trying to Change the Racial Discrimination Act and Native Title Act, closing facilities for women who need legal assistance and shelter from Domestic Violence, not enabling women to vote and change policies that are womens business about womens health. Isn’t it time the white patriarchal society just lay down and made way for young healthy people who are not taking incentives from the mining industry, who actually care about Australias future. Young people who want to make this state a healthy and productive environment for the future.

There are so many aspects that could be tackled and won, public debates, students operating media outlets, encouraging a revolution on social media, encourage all children, teenagers and adults to voice their opinions and send, publish and tackle issues and questions and make our democracy active. Make the topics that we are all concerned about heard..