The door was a now splinter of dangerous glass shards, leaving the house open as a woman and her three children slept at night. Although the police were called, Kylie had decided not to press charges and continued a relationship with the father of her third child. Crippled with nerve pain affecting every part of her body, she depended on him to put food on the table for her family.

Two years later, Kylies teenage daughter dragged him off her mother by the hair and threw him out of the front door as her mother lay in the bathroom with bruises on her face. He repeatedly rammed the front door with his body for over half an hour screaming for his phone. Kylie opened the door and handed him his phone, he then smashed her wrist with the door and her wrist broke.

He spent six months in prison, and thankfully she did not continue a relationship with him when he was released. Her wrist still pains to this day from the injury sustained by that man.