Marc Nelson: Sketch. The absolute horror of the #Assad regime deepens daily. #Crematoriums used to hide cold blooded murder. This is evil. This is now.

“SYRIAN STORIES: Escaping the Butcher”


INTRODUCTION: Syria; Cities are annihilated till dust and rubble are all that remain. The sound of aeroplanes continues in the distance; will it be a double tap? What will the death toll be today? How many children will be wounded and killed? Was the hospital hit? Was that a new bomb that reached the underground hospital again? Bashar Al-Assad is the man responsible for this death and confusion within Syria. Bashar Al-Assad is a dictator. His murderous rampage and genocidal actions are revenge on his own people. A revolution began in Syria, 2011; peaceful protests, students standing for peace, freedom and democracy. Six years have gone by; six years of systematic torture and murder for those who oppose the Assad regime; children, women and men, there is no exception. Six years of sieges upon cities, starving millions of civilians, six years of illegal weapons, cluster bombs and barrel bombs and within the past three years Russia has joined the aerial attack, the death toll rising as people hide or flee, either way they feel death is imminent, and for those who do make it out alive, what is their fate? They are subjected to xenophobia, treated as sub human. Millions of people in mass exodus journey on foot, across oceans in hope of safety, only to be left starving and unsafe as borders tighten their stronghold against Muslim culture and deny refugee status to those who risk their lives fleeing “The Butcher”, Bashar Al-Assad.