The Global Epidemic of Child Trafficking..

written and spoken by Kim Lucas, 2015

Notes.. I began researching human trafficking in 2014, this is the sole reason I decided to enter university, I hope to contribute to making a difference in changing policy for human rights atrocities..

Hi my name is Kim Lucas, I am here today to

help you become aware of a sinister problem

that is seeping like an infectious wound across

the globe. The topic is child TRAFFICKING.

SLIDE TWO. The trafficking of children is predominantly sought from outer lying areas of Southeast Asia and Nepal. Nepal is not shown on the map, if you look into the top left hand side of the map, you will see China and to the far left India. Nepal is above this area. Borders cross into Laos and Burma, girls are effectively trafficked into Thailand, Cambodia, Japan, Australia and also the United States of America through North American and Canadian borders that are vast uninhabited Cherokee land. Poverty stricken areas in Burma, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand where families are uneducated regarding child trafficking will give their girls willingly to traffickers thinking they will provide a better life for them with promises of education and money in the city. The girls are then trafficked through borders where crime syndicates work with border security to ensure their profit margin of prostitution is met by the high demand of men wanting to abuse young girls.

SLIDE THREE. Here is a photograph of an entrance to one of the brothels in Asia.

SLIDE FOUR. And here is an outside view.

SLIDE FIVE. Girls are held against their own will; they are tortured, degraded, beaten and forced into submission through deprivation of food and water. They are often told they are paying off a family debt; this is a common aspect of any type of slavery. Often girls will witness other girls being beaten or murdered as an example to show them what will happen if they refuse to

cooperate with the paedophiles they are forced to spend time with. Girls will be raped 10 or more times a day by different men.

SLIDE SIX. This is one of the campaigns I worked with the Wises family in 2010 who developed Child Wise, an organisation in Australia that helped develop a policy so the Australian Federal Police can arrest paedophilic activity outside of Australia.

SLIDE SEVEN. The girls are branded, therefore owned by the pimp or a specific crime syndicate. One of the problems is the demand for child for child prostitutes is being net for paedophiles. Girls are too easily obtained in order to exploit. Children and women have become a commodity and are therefore easily expendable.

SLIDE EIGHT. Here is an image of very young girls in Cambodia; the image has been taken by International Justice Mission, a non-profit organisation who rescues young girls from prostitution. To rescue any young girls from prostitution is very dangerous as the crime syndicate that is running the brothels sees the girls as their own property. Although it is illegal in Southeast Asia to sell sex of underage people, it is running at such a high profit margin, the girls become dispensable.

SLIDE NINE. This is an image of young prostitutes in Thailand. The psychological damage to children forced to work as slaves in child prostitution is severe. Immediate effects for girls are post-traumatic stress. Cognitive development may be impaired and is the inability to develop interpersonal relationships, unable to engage properly with peer relationships, have highly sexualised or aggressive behaviours, addiction of intravenous or amphetamines, self-harm or severe depression and anxiety disorders.

SLIDE TEN. This is some street art depicting aspects of paedophilia.

SLIDE ELEVEN. The violence that these children endure are almost incomprehensible to our Western Culture and therefore as a culture we tend to say, there is nothing we can do and as a culture believe there is nothing we can do to protect or save these children.

SLIDE TWELVE. Here is a graph depicting girl children not obtaining a primary school education in 15 countries. As you can see the United Kingdom, Sweden and Australia are barely on the graph, whereas The Philippines and Thailand are topping the graph with 400 00 and 600 000 primary school girls not attending school. Every single one of these girls is at risk of being trafficked in the sex slave industry.

SLIDE THIRTEEN. This is a small clop portraying the phenomenal amount of men seeking to exploit and rape young children.

Stop at 2.13.

Start at 5.22 and Stop at 6.15

SLIDE FOURTEEN. This is a shot of actual video footage. This is not just something that should be tossed aside because it is too hard to process or because it is upsetting. This is an issue that needs direct attention. Child slavery in prostitution needs to be addressed. Child slavery needs public pressure on our government to start helping the oppressed to start ensuring that paedophiles should not be allowed to travel internationally to destinations that are heavily infiltrated by child prostitution.

SLIDE FIFTEEN. Attempts have been made by celebrities to raise awareness regarding child prostitution. Although this is a positive step, it is not enough. There needs to be a push on an international level by the public to pressure governments to address child slavery in prostitution.

SLIDE SIXTEEN. Here you can see a raid in a brothel in attempt to save girls in the Philippines. The problem is not just poverty or the culture to enslave young girls. THE PROBLEM IS THE MEN WHO ARE DEMANDING SEX OF YOUNGER AND YOUNGER CHILDREN.

SLIDE SEVENTEEN. Aids is spreading throughout Southeast Asia. The problem is paedophiles within Southeast Asia are demanding girls who are young. Children are highly susceptible to contracting aids as their immune systems are not fully developed and transmit the disease as they have no control over their bodies and are raped. Abrasions due to fore is the second factor that creates a high risk for children to contract aids.

SLIDE EIGHTEEN. Pressure needs to be put on governments’ on an international level to help stop the demand, trade and growth of paedophilic activity of small children. I spoke to a police officer this week regarding air travel of a minor, and he sounded ashamed of the fact that a child can travel on airlines with literally any adult. There needs to be a push for leaders around the glove to act affectively. This is a crime that surpasses most internationally. The only other crime syndicates above human trafficking are guns and drugs.

SLIDE NINETEEN. Child slavery in prostitution is like a cancer and is spreading not only throughout Southeast Asia, but across the globe. The life expectancy of a child prostitute is seven years and due to the increase of aids within Southeast Asia, the demand for virgin children increases. Ignorance is not bliss. Ignorance perpetuates a cycle of violence, rape and murder and we have the capacity to stop it. It is up to us, the people to tell our governments to help fight for these children and stop exploitation, rape and murder of small children. Education, sanitation and self-managed communities are a reality that Western cultures such as Australia can help create. Justice for children already victims of sex slavery can be a reality. The problem is not only that child prostitution exists, but the fact that it is readily available. Criminals are not being pursued or arrested enough, therefore the victims are helpless and the violence continues. It is up to us to make a stand, for without us these kids do not stand a chance.


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