Sharon Gekoski-Kimmel Photojournalist

Sharon Gekoski-Kimmel shooting Governor Chris Christie in 2012 with digital still and video cameras. (photo by Jose F. Moreno)

Sharon Gekoski-Kimmel was a staff photojournalist at The Philadelphia Inquirer. She has won numerous awards for her documentary photojournalism of everyday people and events. She has covered a wide range of daily photo assignments and special projects. Gekoski-Kimmel shared the 2012 Pulitzer Prize for Public Service given for a year long in-depth investigation about violence in the Philadelphia Schools “Assault on Learning”.

Gekoski-Kimmel in the Philadelphia Inquirer newsroom waiting for the Pulitzer results in 2012. (Photo by David Swanson)

She also won first place awards in The National Press Photographers Association, New Jersey Society of Professional Journalists Pictures of the Year, Editor and Publisher, Keystone Press Awards, and Women in Photojournalism. Gekoski-Kimmel also earned the Award of Excellence from the National Association of Black Journalists for her work on a series “A Portrait of Hunger” photographing the children in the city of Philadelphia who go to bed hungry every night. She was awarded a National Headliners Award for her candid and tender photo essay on the Delp brothers from South Jersey, a rare set of identical conjoined twins joined at the head. Her sensitivity, heart and years of experience allowed her to capture the special moments in their lives, the only photographer to ever be granted permission by the family.

Sharon Gekoski-Kimmel in the 1970’s with her trusty film camera. (photo by Leo S. Matkins)

Gekoski-Kimmel began her career after graduating from Temple University with a degree in Communications in 1973. She got her first staff job working at a small daily paper, the Today’s Spirit in Hatboro, Pa. Then in 1978 she was hired as a staff photojournalist at the Courier-Post in Cherry Hill, N.J. Having worked there until 1984 covering the World Series in 1980, a visit from the Pope and other local news worthy events, Gekoski-Kimmel was now ready to move on. She was hired by the Philadelphia Inquirer in 1984 and remained until 2013. Gekoski-Kimmel wanted to shoot locally to tell so many stories that needed to be told This included hunger, poverty and crime that faced the people of Philadelphia and South Jersey.


Newsrooms in the 70’s and 80’s listened to police radios 24/7. Spot news was important. Gekoski-Kimmel photographed this car accident in 1976. © 2019 Sharon Gekoski-Kimmel
The aftermath of a house fire photographed in 1977 © 2019 Sharon Gekoski-Kimmel
Gekoski-Kimmel photographed Pope John Paul II in 1979 during his visit to Philadelphia. © 2019 Sharon Gekoski-Kimmel
A young Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones played Philadelphia in 1981. © 2019 Sharon Gekoski-Kimmel
The Philadelphia Phillies win the 1980 World Series. Relief pitcher Tug McGraw and 3rd baseman Mike Schmidt (behind McGraw) celebrate. © 2019 Sharon Gekoski-Kimmel
This double exposure of Jimmy Connors happened accidently when the film didn’t advance on the first frame. But, the paper loved it and ran it. © 2019 Sharon Gekoski-Kimmel . As the years went on, color film replaced black & white film. And then digital cameras were introduced .


A tiny premature baby fighting for his life. © 2019 Sharon Gekoski-Kimmel

Food Insecurity: Imani had nothing to feed her two children and had to send them off to school hungry. © 2019 Sharon Gekoski-Kimmel

Imani cries with worry as hunger advocate Mariana Chilton makes a house visit to help.© 2019 Sharon Gekoski-Kimmel

Living in poverty with her aging grandmother, Celeata sleeps in a house where walls to the outside are gone. © 2019 Sharon Gekoski-Kimmel
Violence in schools has become an epidemic. Here in the Houston public schools, armed guards must handle student issues. © 2019 Sharon Gekoski-Kimmel
An officer tells a Houston student she can no longer attend the high school. © 2019 Sharon Gekoski-Kimmel
Conjoined twins Tyler and Stefan play violin and have perfect pitch. Unable to be separated at birth, now in their 20’s , they have never seen each other’s faces. © 2019 Sharon Gekoski-Kimmel
A ruby-throated hummingbird and a honeysuckle flower. © 2019 Sharon Gekoski-Kimmel
Cranberry Harvest in New Jersey. © 2019 Sharon Gekoski-Kimmel
An orphaned baby orangutan at a care center in Borneo © 2019 Sharon Gekoski-Kimmel
Sharon Gekoski-Kimmel photographing orangutans in Borneo © 2019 Sharon Gekoski-Kimmel
Elephants in Chiang Mai, Thailand © 2019 Sharon Gekoski-Kimmel

All photos copyrighted © 2019 Sharon Gekoski-Kimmel

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