Here goes nothing …

Well …. I am not necessarily a tangible person when it comes to life … I have always been an experience person and selfish now that I think about it. Let me explain. I don’t think I am a well traveled person (kinda) but I have been many places, and I have realized more recently that people genuinely want to know about my trips and places to go and see. I have a half ass memory though so I will see if I can start to jot down my trips and experiences and then be able to help some folks on their journeys if I can.

I have been to pretty much all of the states in the US including Hawaii and PR, Jamaica, Curacao, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Portugal, Thailand, Dubai, Mexico, Japan, China, Ireland, Mexico, Canada … pretty great places but I guess I am hard to impress because I feel like this isn't exotic enough BUT I am super blessed and I have enjoyed every trip … and I need to not worry about anyone else but myself and continue to enjoy.

So the next trip is Italy. It is my first time and it will be my first Friendsgiving where I will be away for the holiday willingly and away from my family. The few times I have missed Thanksgiving was because I was in Georgia in school or had to work or something.

Anyway, back on track. Italy. I am going. Yeah. So I will give this jotting down my experiences thing a try.



The desire to fly is an idea handed down to us by our ancestors who… looked enviously on the birds soaring freely through space… on the infinite highway of the air.
~Wilbur Wright
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