Let Them Fucking Die
Son of Baldwin

“ For centuries, black people have been regarded as sub-human workhorses whose entire purpose is to serve white people’s whimsies.” And now you have the NBA suckers!!!

I like how 13% of the population gets uppity over the fact that they haven’t achieved much, not because of the white man but because they rarely have the intellect or willingness to succeed. If being black is so great, point to one country in sub-Saharan Africa that can be considered economically and standard-of-living on-par with Europe or even Asia or even on the trajectory to being so (especially in those countries long removed from colonial Europe).

Yeah, so go ahead Son of Baldwin (ha!), kill whitey or let him die or whatever the two neurons in your brain can squeeze out at this time. In the meantime, I’ll sit back and watch the nightly inner-city dead count, thanks to black on black brotherly love (raised fist and all), continue to rise as I wait for the weather and sports to come on.

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