Announcing Kin Alpha

We are excited to announce Kin Alpha: the first relayer live on the Mainnet
A big thank you to all of those who participated in the closed alpha phase. Your feedback has made this expansion to a larger audience possible. Kin Alpha looks forward to quickly implementing all feedback from the rest of the community to make the most user friendly platform for exchanging ERC20 tokens.


  • Simple — Clear user experience without extraneous noise
  • Trustless — Always keep all coins in your own wallet
  • Private — Never collect any personal user data
  • Agile — Constant updates to meet user needs

Open Alpha

After thorough closed alpha testing, Kin Alpha is now available to the public! We’ve chosen to dub this an alpha release to reflect the fact that Kin Alpha is primarily aiming to gather and incorporate feedback. Only features that have been thoroughly vetted are available in the open alpha phase.

Kin Alpha currently supports:

  • Chrome with MetaMask extension
  • Mainnet and Kovan Network
  • Converting between ETH and WETH

Open alpha details:

  • Max order size of 3 WETH
  • Only ZRX is available for exchange
  • Orders may only be cancelled from the visible order book
  • Orders may only be placed every 15 seconds
  • Fee: 0.2% of order taker, 0% of order maker

These limitations are in place to prevent high frequency trading until the appropriate features are released.


Kin Alpha never has access to your secure wallet. Trading on Kin Alpha is secured by the Ethereum blockchain and Øx protocol. Every order needs to be confirmed using your wallet’s secured private key and is validated by the Øx protocol.

Coming Soon

Users have chosen these features as the most desired to be released next:

  • Market Orders
  • List of Orders and Pending Transactions
  • Candlestick Charts

Join the discussion on the future roadmap of Kin Alpha in the Community Forums.


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