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Jan 2, 2018 · 2 min read

tl;dr: As is, Kin isn’t a sustainable business.

After careful consideration, we consider the costs to:
- add new features,
- maintain the existing codebase,
- host Kin and provide a great user experience to a large number of users,
…to be too high compared to the benefits.
In its current form, Kin is unsustainable.

What does it mean?

As of January 1st 2018, we are stopping all development effort on Kin.

However, Kin being open sourced, all you need is on the Github repositories online and will stay there, you can fork away, host part of it, remove other parts, add providers, remove some…
We still believe the calendar space is sorely lacking a proper solution.

What happens to the hosted version?

To the paying subscribers who wish to continue using the Kin desktop web application, we’ll keep online for the remainder of what you paid for.

To the people who want to stop their subscription, we’ll refund on your card the remaining days (or months) of any subscription if you email us at

To the people who would want to host Kin on a larger scale, we can help by providing more information on how we did it on a shoestring budget. Email us at

What happens to the iOS app that was in private beta?

The codebase currently isn’t at a level of quality where open sourcing it would provide any benefit. If you are interested, email us at

What’s next?

We still believe no one is close to the level of details, features and user experience Sunrise was in 2016 when it was shutdown.
This is merely a goodbye to Kin in its current form, in our effort to offer a proper independent open source multi-provider app for the calendar space.

Thanks again and stay organised,

Ben & Yann


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