(Inter dimensional determinism)

Kind Regards
Aug 21 · 2 min read

The world begins,
with fits and laughs

Infinite, narrow, thorny paths
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Now time lords over,
You and me

and it is true,
to say we’re free,
but quite how much, is ours to see
or perhaps more like ours, to be
each second, or eternity

Time is pulled taught,
bound to space
With everything in it’s right place
and by oath, woven outside us
So what we do is as we must

and time and space,
are in a box

Or a box shape,
not fraught with locks

but made of stuff
not space or time

not accident,
nor by design .

“Infinite” uni
verses gape
For each and every step we take
A new dimension steps in tow
but ever has it been as so

forget about the blasted box;
think on inside bits for now

The world is what we live and see,
reality, inside the bounds

and everything that we hold dear,
From pubs and beer, to Guinevere,

All stems from two quite simple questions;

  1. What is stuff?
  2. Why is it here?

but “stuff” is just physics in action,
addition, mental maths, abstraction

our place in it, is destiny
but not just us, also the bees
and birds and wolverines and cats,
and manatees, and vampire bats
we all can shape the indexed paths
the way we choose draws fits and laughs

We shape our reality,
but just how many
could there be
one for every thought or action?
and also each quantum reaction?
Then it seems our path is drawn in stone
For this timeline is ours, alone

And what if you can travel between dimensions? Have you traveled there, or have you created a new, combined timeline?

Kind Regards

Kind Regards

Written by

Writer of poems, reader of anything but particularly philosophy and computer science. Warwick uni graduate, Kind Regards

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