If you have always thought about writing for a living or have written things that you think people would like, why wait for publishers to notice your queries and your submissions? You can make money by turning to self publishing as a business and reap the rewards of your work being sold to and read by your customers.

You can simply set up a web site that advertises all of the books and publications that you are selling. It doesn’t have to be overly complicated, but it should present your publications in a clear and enticing manner. You want to grab your potential reader’s attention with snippets of the books so that they want to buy them. And by buying them, you can make money without any work.

What you need

To begin a self publishing business to make money, you need to have title to sell. And there are two ways to go about creating your stock of books. You can either write the books yourself, researching popular titles and themes to write about, or you can have a freelance writer do this for you.

You can go to several different writing sites to search for a freelance writer that will write a book that will make money for your business. And true, you will have to pay the writer for their efforts; it can save you time down the road because you aren’t spending your days writing. Leave the work to someone else. Or ask for submission for your site, giving a small profit to the original author, but keeping a percentage for your self.

Next, you will need to set up a web site that is crafted to make money for your books. This will include the titles as well as summaries of the books that you are offering. You will also want to include ways for customers to purchase your books from this web site. You may want to hire a web page designer at this stage in order to be sure that your customers will enjoy the presentation as well as be able to make purchases safely. Again, this step too may cost money, but in the end, a well-designed web site pays for itself.

Because your web site will be able to take orders without your input, you can make money while you’re sleeping or when you’re away. Some business owners also like to create fax machine orders for customers that aren’t comfortable with Internet ordering.

Growing over time

The best way to continue to make money with a self publishing business is to continuously add titles to your web site. This means that as you learn what your customers are buying, you want to put more of the same kinds of books on your site. You may even want to create a suggestion feature so that you can learn what kinds of books people are shopping for so that you can meet that demand.

Another way to increase profits and make money is to offer a downloadable version of each of the books that are for sale. This allows your customers to print out or save the books if they choose, rather than having the need to print and ship them to the customers. And it’s faster for the customer as well because they can get their book as soon as their payment clears.

With self publishing, you can see your words in print and make money for your hard work. And with the low start up cost and wide market, self publishing is becoming one of the most popular ways to make money with your computer.


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