Shit non-mathematicians say about maths
Junaid Mubeen

5x3=15 = 5+5+5

That’s how I would reason it. Because my multiplication table says 15 is 5 3 times.


As someone who is math “deficient”, I can maybe venture that rote learning stifled my interest in math and stirred utter bafflement to the point of not even trying in the face of it. If you asked me what the percentage of something was, I’d frantically start looking around, as if for an exit. I think dark alleys scared me less.

Rote learning is and can be essential, but I don’t think it taught me to how to make mathematical connections. Also, I think in words, not numbers.

I remember seriously trying to understand concepts, formulas and the like but unable to because I didn’t have any tools. Math books were terrible. They’d always give that 1 example not exemplified by any question in my homework.

On the other hand, I was often penalized on tests for being able to come up with the right answer but unable to 'show my work’ of how I got there.

Good piece. Sometimes I think it’s helpful to design and create tools with the people who aren’t good at it in mind.

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