OK, so you as a ‘white man’, post a picture of 2 black people in chains, having sex, and then ……
Kindra J. F.


We’re talking about pictures here. You posted pics and videos like this is Facebook or YouTube or Twitter. This is a writing platform. I attacked your picture, because it’s inappropriate. I’d really like for you to tell me what 2 naked black people having sex in chains has to do with starting a revolution? Why would you post a picture of 2 naked black people having sex in chains and then write a poem pretty much preaching colorblindness?

You start a revolution in your own neighborhood, sir. That’s what you do. You don’t come on a Medium platform and encourage your black friends to 'rise up and die’. You don’t live this life. Careful that you start overwriting the people who actually do.

I don’t care what you organized. The funny thing about 'white' people doing or saying something inappropriate is that they often counter with how they marched, or how they have 'black' friends or some other such nonsense. OK, so you and your wife organized. Great. I still want to know what a post with 2 naked black people having sex in chains has to do with anything? I took a shower last night and didn’t see any chains on my body. What are you talking about?

Why are you, as a 'white' man, posting all these black pictures and videos? Why not post a picture of one of your own people all red-faced or with a hood over their heads or a rope or gun in their hands? and talk about a revolution? If you love black people so much, why are you posting pictures that promote weakness and fear-mongering and victim hood instead of empowerment?

You are a part of the problem, sir.

You posted a picture of 2 black people as if to mean all black people, when black bodies having sex in chains is your own perception of 'blacks' as a 'white' man, sir.

The problem is that your media has given you a false idea of the black identity. Your media has given you the idea that you own a stake in the black community and can just go around speaking of them and about them like you really know what’s going on outside of a television set or a phone. (Laughing) Come to the real black community and start your march, sir, holding that picture. (Rolling on the floor laughing)

After answering my questions, you should bring back footage of how you 'rose up and died' fighting for black people outside of an imaginary platform.

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