The sanctity of language.
Sun Tzu and The Art of Troll Baiting
Oliver Shiny

I’m going to tell you something about the sanctity of language. I have an English degree and am pretty sharp and frequently mispronounce words. (i think it’s a quirk of having an English degree and being sharp).

I went around saying “bainal” for the longest time until someone looked at me quizzically and told me that it was “bahnahl”. Now I don’t even use the word anymore. (it’s like reading song lyrics and realizing you’ve been singing the wrong thing the entire time but you somehow have to go right back to singing it wrong otherwise it somehow f***ks up the song for you) Besides “bainal” sounds better and more true to the definition.

Then I went around saying “ehsawteric” until I learned it was “ess-oh-teric.”

Your post reminded me of when Gulliver visits the Houyhnhnms (in Gulliver’s Travels). At one point, I think it was one of the horses that said that lying was an direct affront to language since it corrupts the ability to understand.

This piece is very long, but I read it at 4am while very tired, and still finished! But many of your pieces are quite lengthy because that’s your style. Style to me is voice. One’s style finds their true tribe.

I’m curious. In person, do you speak this way? Or, what is your communication style?

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