On My “Reading” of Slavoj Žižek
Martin Rezny

You can achieve the same meditative state while helping or killing people, it doesn’t matter at all, and zen warriors were a real thing, in Japan especially. It only makes you better at less caring about your own survival and more able to do inhuman violence.

Interesting and valid thought. I’ve never thought about how religion and prescriptive spirituality practice can desensitize one, in the name of attachment to a (sometimes fantastical idealistic) concept or symbol rather than to a procurement of actual feelings toward other human beings. Lost in the sauce.

Maybe that’s not what you meant, but that’s what I took from it.

It made me think of a special I watched on spree murderers once. There was a guy who randomly killed a family and then a couple. Totally random, didn’t know anyone. (He had past trauma of course) Just picked up a shotgun and stopped where he stopped. He then went on to describe an incredible peace that overtook him immediately after each murder, and that he had never experienced. He described the associated image as a field of wheat blowing amidst intense light. (Interestingly, other random killers have described the same image)

since I consider serenity to be inferior to suffering, and morality as essential.

U.G. Krishnamurti described morality as the unquestioning of one’s actions. I don’t call morality morality much anymore. I call it conviction. I posit serenity and suffering to be inseparable necessities. In our impossible and constant quest for God-hood, we forget that we are not God because we are human. The dimension is faulty within itself.

Psychoanalysis is for that reason good at tearing down nonsense, but it is not very good in building a coherent system of thought. That is also reflected in how easily it fragments into multiple schools critical of each other. So I like Žižek, but I too find him very random.

This is essentially all theory and philosophy, which is why I was insanely frustrated when I studied literary theory. Think tankers often tear down a theory that talks in circles, only to replace it with another theory that also talks in circles. I get so angry just thinking about it and am reminded of a cat chasing it’s tail.

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