Hi Kindra!

Real cool points Grrrrrobert. Thanks for responding and weighing in with your perspective (btw, love the word 'kulturgeschichte’, gotta love those compound German nouns!)

I never watched Girls, and from the way you described it, I probably shouldn’t. Though I can respect Dunham for saying that she wouldn’t cast a 'black' person because of her lack of perspective, rather than casting a 'black' person and typecasting. That’s just me of course. The counter problem, of course, is that there is no one 'black experience’, only more so for blacks who identify with culture. Problem is always culture. People tend to become offended when they cleave to immovable ideas, etc. Ach.

You are insanely correct at this being a starting point. The question you initially asked me was like, hats! Then more hats underneath! And still more hats under that!

In discussing and answering, I had to keep asking myself 'why are you saying that?’, and then that! and that! and hats!

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