I’m interested in what you think of the idea that the purpose of institutionalized racism is to…

Right-o, Paul, but …

Poor whites and blacks banded together during Bacon’s Rebellion, which is believed to have quickened the caste of slavery for blacks.

Construct or not, the lived reality is real.

However, I do agree that whites are duped at the same rate and level as blacks. I think the Oregon militiamen were stunned to have been shown that many whites are seen as poor niggers too. Evolving white colonial Americans were seen with just as much disdain by monarchical Europeans.

It’s all the same but then at the same time not. Tricky tricky.

I am often very intrigued as to how different classes of whites interact with and perceive one another. Why don’t white people write about that? I’m interested.

When it comes to racial issues, it’s quite interesting how many whites do not write about a perceived racial experience without needing to reference other races and ethnicities. It’s very fascinating.

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