ohhhh I see what this one is about, sorry; thought we were on Pat Riarchy or what’shisass (spoiler…
Classical Sass

Anyway, I guess what I am saying is, I think speaking up for minorities is a thing.

Spot on Classical. Speaking on behalf of black people has literally been going on for centuries, and it continues to be “a thing.” So many other non-black people have jumped on this gravy chain. I deal with this literally everyday, people seeming to co-opt my identity, either by speaking for other people who look like me, or trying to relate to me as a black person when they’re not even Black.

Many non-black people tend to have an issue with me because my advocacy for myself renders their opinion irrelevant. You’re forced now to try to interact with me as how I am, not how you want me to be or what you try to impose on me. You’re not my friend just because you’ve written a piece on Black people. Sorry.

Underlying many of these pieces, is the right people believe they have to continue speaking on behalf of blacks as a whole, which is doubly erroneous since the black community is not the same. I see more harm being done than anything. I’ve known and befriended many kinds of whites and non-blacks, and I’ll tell you the most racist and biased ones are the “well-meaning” and the people who want to appear “down for the cause.” They commit the most egregious of micro aggressions. What your other black or minority friends may allow you to say and do just might get you assaulted or asked to STFU by another black or minority. We are not the same. You better come get yo friend.

And now, because speaking on behalf of blacks continues to be such a trendy “thing”, this “activist” has cruelly twisted alliance-ship with their victim hood and emotions and feelings. Sadly, when you as an actual BLACK person tell these non-black people you feel offended, they dig their heels in even more, insisting on their right to speak for blacks, and now they’re victims, because you’ve hurt their feelings as a BLACK person advocating for yourself! Note the many ironies and fuckedupedness of that. Or the ones who have a black friend or participated in some black activity and suddenly, they’re an honorary black, with even more of a right to speak on shit of which they know not. Continue to note the ironies and the twisted bias underlying. Underlying this “advocacy" is really, “but I am important too! My opinions about something that I’m not are important!” I, frankly, am tired of the lip service, because that’s all it is. Many of these people who speak for black people wouldn’t be able to write a 200 word essay on what the black community is. They all now hide behind the black cause to attack the big scary white bogeyman.

You see this on this platform nearly everyday. They’ve maligned men and white men to the point of silence. And when these men come forth to speak, these “activists" become even more irrational and illogical. Shut up you stupid man! This is all really (white) “feminist” shit, you gotta pay attention.

Never feel the need to take sides, Classical. I am not like that, and definitely not on here for that (for primarily social gratification reasons). I’m mainly here to write and read. I’m also a big girl :-)

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