Talking About Death

Such a different piece, Abbie, so I can appreciate it as such.

I’m not entirely sure what I think about it. I haven’t embraced it entirely, or in a way such as yourself. I think. You seem comfortable with death but with the possible stipulation that it does not come when you are fucking or doing something fun. Ha ha ha.

I can’t admit to not feeling important because, to me, that would make my existence seem absurd?. Also, I think that I am important mostly because I am an extension of the uni. And surely the uni couldn’t be wrong! (laughing). To me, the uni exists even when people don’t. But I do admit to life seeming increasingly stupid the older I get. I should get some children. Or something.

I don’t have any feelings about death through self either way. Hey, do you. But there’s something that rings lame about my life being ended by stupid Man, even me. Like, if someone killed me, I’d be so fucking mad. Well, if I wasn’t killed.

Your word choice of suicide being “disrespectful" to some people is hilarious.

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