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this is SO beautifully written. you write very beautifully. very ‘flow-ey’, and a very good example of prose done well (imho).

I was not expecting where you went with this and I guess that’s another ‘wow’ factor for how you are able to create a story and stories with such twists and turns from just a word. Wow. Btw, not a big fan of A Picture of Dorian Gray or many of Wilde’s other parabolic writings, but, man, did that dude have style! Aesthete, as you might call it. He was too damn clever for his own good.

i don’t know why, but this piece made me think of this children’s book: My Teacher is a Monster: A Sweet Modern Fable About Seeing Through the Otherness of Others. It’s here if interested.

It also made me think of this woman with cerebral palsy that I used to PCA for. very beautiful but ‘spastic’. she even uses ‘spazzy’ in her email address. :-P

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