the economic reality of black America.
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Aaron Ross Coleman

What is 'black' America?

I don’t know what Shaun King is. Also, I’ve looked at BLM 'protest' pictures and some of the people pictured don’t even look 'black’.

You mean people with brown skin? Americans? Or Jamaicans, or Haitians? Or…maybe Rachel Dolezal. I think she was something of a pre-cursor to the media-created laughing stock of BLM.

What is the 'economic reality of black America’? when browns are not monolithic nor inhabitants of the same financial bracket?

I wonder what psychological and so financial impact repetitive movements such as these have on the 'black community’? That this community always needs a spokeswoman or man? What are we, 5 years old?

I looked on the BLM website and found it interesting that 'black' and 'queer' and 'woman' were often used together. Nothing about the oft-murdered black man for whom this movement was created?

I wonder what BLM was doing in Palestine? Or was it Israel? I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

I wonder why BLM and associates are on TV so much and I never really see them in the community. You know, like, getting literacy rates up and getting kids' weight up to be able to read at benchmark. I wonder I see them on TV and not fighting real crime, like drug dealing and such in the streets. I wonder they’re not directly employing people in the community? Giving financial workshops?

I think movements usually continue victim hood mentalities. And I wonder what great feats people go on to accomplish feeling like victims?

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